Practice Areas

International and domestic commercial law:

  • Privatization and relations with the Privatization Agency,
  • International Arbitration,
  • International Agreements,
  • Foreign trade affairs,
  • Bankruptcy proceedings and relations with the Privatization Agency - Centre for the implementation of bankruptcy procedures,
  • Public - Private Partnership (PPP),
  • Status changes and relations with the Business Registers Agency (BRA),
  • Representation in litigation and enforcement proceedings,
  • Protection of business interests of the client,
  • Protection of real estate of clients,
  • Management of share capital, preparation and conduct of General Meeting and changes in the Central Registry of Securities (Central Depository),
  • Corporate association,
  • Banking services,
  • The collection of claims in enforcement proceedings

Contract law:

  • Pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages,
  • Collection of receivables in the regular court proceedings,
  • Property protection,
  • Representation in litigation and enforcement proceedings,
  • Compensation under the insurance,
  • Collection of old frozen bonds

Real Estate Law:

  • Legal protection of participants in real estate,
  • Agreements for Transfer of Real Property,
  • Registration of the real estate ownership rights,
  • Collateral mortgage of immovable property,
  • Submission of immovable property in execution,
  • Protection of ownership rights

Inheritance Law

  • Probate proceedings,
  • Agreement on life support,
  • Agreement on the allocation of property for life,
  • Protecting inheritance rights

Labor law:

  • Protecting the rights of employees,
  • Protecting the rights of employer,
  • Compensation for damages arising from employment

Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure - Civil Status:

  • Entries and deletions from the Vital records,
  • Status rights,
  • Rights in the field of pension insurance,
  • Legal affairs in construction and urban planning

Criminal law and criminal procedure:

  • Criminal offenses according to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia,
  • Application of the Criminal Procedure Act,
  • International criminal law

Family Law:

  • Legal protection in the area of marital, parental, custodial and property relations in the family

Other activities in the field of law